April 13, 2018

30A Beach Photographer – Martin Family

Two year old twins are truly a test of everyone’s ability to think fast, be prepared, and chill. In all my years as a 30A beach photographer, I’ve only photographed toddler twins twice and I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s because mom and dad think it’ll be too much for any photographer to handle! Well… I wish I could get this opportunity ALL the time. Just like raising them is, I’m sure, photographing this age group, plus an older sibling, is a rollercoaster of fun. Nothing you expect to happen actually does. But, it ends up being so much better than your expectations.

This shoot had smiles, tears, and running… lots of running. And chubby little thighs and cheeks. And a big sister who has it all put together.

Take note of the great wardrobe choices too! Soft pastels that keep things cheery without being overwhelming. A perfect palette among the pastel homes of Seaside. Beaufort Bonnet Company and Lilly Pulitzer are two things that come to mind.

Summer is headed our way and will be here before we know what hit us. If you’re thinking of booking a session, email joseph@candicekphotography.com to set up a consultation!

*look closely and you’ll notice a sneak peek of what’s coming soon. 😉

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