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March 18, 2013

How many guys out there are brilliant enough to get the proposal photographed? Not enough! Monty contacted me a few weeks ago telling me that he planned to propose to his fiance Sam (who happens to be a Zumba buddy of mine!). I was going to be out of town most of the week, so I made him wait until the last day of his trip to propose because I just couldn’t let someone else do it. I’m so happy for these two and just thrilled that Monty did this for Sam. It’s such a big moment and one of the few highly emotional moments in our lives that we often forget to document. I’m looking forward to this becoming something I get to do all the time. :)

February 06, 2013

I mentioned in the last post that I was going to talk about the viewing/ordering sessions I offer after your portrait session. Rather than going home to an online gallery full of pictures and feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what, where, or how to display your new family portraits, you get to come to my office soon after your session and sit down with me to shop! It’s quite fun because you can see and feel the products and we can talk about what will work best for you and your family. Soon after you book your session, you’ll receive some instructions from me on how to photograph a wall (or five!) in your home where you may be interested in displaying your favorites. You can do this with your smart phone or tablet even and just email it to me. Once the session is complete and you are here for your ordering appointment, I can actually put the images up on YOUR wall, to scale, so you can see just what it will look like.

This lovely family came to me in the midst of a big cross-country move so they could document their time spent here at the beach in transition. We put together several options for wall galleries and I’ll post a couple here so you can envision how it works.

If you would like to set up a session for your upcoming vacation, just give me a call at 850-974-7907 or email


November 26, 2012

Have you ever seen someone whose eyes are just stunning? Perhaps it was Jenna. She has these big, beautiful blue-green eyes that just steal the show. I bet Eric was pretty slayed by them too. I’m so excited to be shooting Jenna and Eric’s wedding next Summer and I’m just thrilled that they took the time to spend a few hours with me for this engagement session.





November 21, 2012

Jack and Sophie’s mom Jennifer¬†gave me the honor of hanging out with her kids for a couple hours! It really is an honor because these two are quite possibly the sweetest, kindest little people I’ve met. Not to mention they had some pretty rad outfits… Hey moms, take note and don’t be afraid to really style your kids up for their shoot!


October 26, 2012

Next up!

I photographed Shelby’s sister a few years ago and I’m thrilled to have done a session with Shelby, who is now in her senior year. We had a blast in Seaside during their quick trip down for a friends wedding and I hope to see the whole family again in the future. :) Oh… and how freakin’ fab is Shelby’s homecoming dress? I’m in love.