January 14, 2013

The Photographer’s Children – Destin Children’s Photographer

We all know the saying, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”. The same often goes for photographers children. Once you grow out of being a hobby photographer, using your own children for practice, and start a business, the overwhelming list of sessions needing to be edited, print orders needing to be filled, and wedding albums needing to be designed takes priority over photographing your own children. Last time I did a session with my boys was two and a half years ago. They’ve grown so much and I really need to commit to doing it more often! It is actually much harder for me to photograph them myself, as many moms would understand, because they just so not cooperate the way they do for a stranger. When I photograph my clients children, I often ask the parents to step away for a little while… go have a cup of coffee or spend a few minutes reading a book. You would be amazed at how their personality can change when their parents aren’t watching, commenting, and fussing. The same goes for my own kids… When we work with a professional, they are much more “themselves”.

I also want to mention styling again, as I did in one of my previous children’s posts. Don’t be afraid. Go overboard. We can always simplify the look during the session, but we cannot add to it once we’ve started. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, even with your boys. I personally find styling to be a huge factor in the session’s success. I can help! When you contact me about your session, just let me know what kind of look you are going for (or I can even help with that as well) and I would love to point you in the right direction of stores to browse, catalogs to view, and helpful tips to pull it all together.

And now… Zion and Judah.




Clothing: Zara and J. Crew (crewcuts).



They look so much like you! Such sweet pictures :) One day if I ever have a family I want you to photograph us!

20:31 January 14, 2013

Michael Newman

They look like little models!

03:40 January 17, 2013