June 5, 2016

Seaside Beach Photographer | Family of Three

Spring time is a great part of the year for young families to vacation on 30A. If your children aren’t school-age just yet, you have more freedom to vacation during the off seasons and book your Seaside beach photographer to remember it all. I always suggest my clients take advantage of these times of the year where the crowds are lighter and calmer, the beaches more open, restaurants less packed, and rental homes more readily available. Another plus is the sunsets are earlier in the day, so you won’t have a tired and cranky baby on your hands!

I love photographing babies who have just learned to sit or stand. I ask that parents minimize the number of props or outfit changes at this age because the beach is already new and confusing so we try not to add to that. This family brought along a personalized blanket and bloomers, with a hat as well, which gave us some fun things to play with, while not going overboard.  The overcast day provided a soft, blue hue which was wonderful for working with a young one who may not care to have the sun in her eyes.

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